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Handbook of Biochemical Kinetics

Handbook of Biochemical Kinetics

Daniel L. Purich | R. Donald Allison


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Biochemical kinetics refers to the rate at which a reaction takes place. Kinetic mechanisms have played a major role in defining the metabolic pathways, the mechanistic action of enzymes, and even the processing of genetic material. The Handbook of Biochemical Kinetics provides the "underlying scaffolding" of logic for kinetic approaches to distinguish rival models or mechanisms. The handbook also comments on techniques and their likely limitations and pitfalls, as well as derivations of fundamental rate equations that characterize biochemical processes.
Key Features
* Over 750 pages devoted to theory and techniques for studying enzymic and metabolic processes
* Over 1,500 definitions of kinetic and mechanistic terminology, with key references
* Practical advice on experimental design of kinetic experiments
* Extended step-by-step methods for deriving rate equations
* Over 1,000 enzymes, complete with EC numbers, reactions catalyzed, and references to reviews and/or assay methods
* Over 5,000 selected references to kinetic methods appearing in the Methods in Enzymology series
* 72-page Wordfinder that allows the reader to search by keywords
* Summaries of mechanistic studies on key enzymes and protein systems
* Over 250 diagrams, figures, tables, and structures
"For the enzymologist wishing to understand an enzyme mechanism in depth, this book bundles useful information both theoretical and practical and goes deeper into the theory than most other books do."