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The Aging Skeleton

The Aging Skeleton

Clifford J. Rosen | Julie Glowacki | John P. Bilezikian


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The Aging Skeleton is a comprehensive and timely book on all aspects of the skeleton as it ages, including basic mechanisms and pathways as well as pathobiology. Chapters cover general aspects and models of aging, determinants and maintenance of peak bone mass, mechanisms of age-related bone loss, quantifiable manifestations of age-related bone loss, fractures, and therapeutics.

  • Covers all aspects of the aging skeleton in one comprehensive volume
  • Looks at the influence of genetics, nutrition, environment, hormones, and other factors on bone mass
  • Provides a thorough discussion of fractures, one of the major consequences of the aging skeleton
  • Reviews current therapeutic approaches and methods
  • Written by internationally renowned authors and edited by leaders in the field
  • Is the only book available on this subject