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Viruses and Human Disease

Viruses and Human Disease

Ellen G. Strauss | James H. Strauss


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This is the first text to examine the connection between virology and human disease. It is also the first book to integrate basic virology with pathophysiological conditions. By contrast, most virology textbooks focus on the molecular biology involved without adequate reference to physiology. Viruses and Human Disease is four-color throughout and contains clearly labeled figures and tables.
Key Features
*Provides a concise overview of animal viruses, emphasizing those causing diseases in humans;
* Integrates discussion of molecular biology, epidemiology, and the history of human viruses;
* Presents treatment of prions, gene therapy, and vaccine development;
* Illustrated in color by an expert virologist;
* Includes world maps depicting the current distribution of existing and newly emerging viruses
"...exceptionally easy to read and full of "need-to know" material appropriate for students. ...well organized and thoughtfully prepared."
¬óDOODY'S NOTES (2002)