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The Human Genome

The Human Genome

R. Scott Hawley | Catherine A. Mori


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The Human Genome: A User's Guide provides a concise discussion of contemporary and relevant topics in human genetics. It begins coverage of the fundamental concepts of genetics and heredity, then illustrates these concepts as they relate to the development of human sexual differentiation and sexuality. The book describes the role of the X and Y chromosomes, the role of hormone-controlled differential gene expression in sex determination, and the role of genetics in sexual orientation and sex-role development. The Human Genome discusses the interface between science and society, covering the basic intellectual processes that underlie genetic analysis and gene therapy. It also looks at the use of cloning techniques to search for genes responsible for such human disease states as cystic fibrosis, cancer, AIDS, and mental illness. Written in an inviting and engaging style, The Human Genome meets the interests and answers the questions of today's students.
Key Features:
* Offers a concise discussion of contemporary human genetics and relevant topics
* Accessible to the reader with no formal science background
* Reviews the fundamental principles that und
"The examples are excellent and the topics covered are just the ones you'd like to see...There is a real need for a text on this topic that goes beyond the very introductory concepts, but is not so advanced as to be unusable outside an advanced genetics course. This book clearly fits that need."
-ROBERT HOLMGREN, Northwestern University
"This textbook relates the WOW! aspects of human genetics...It will be a valuable resource for teachers and students who want to, and need to, understand human genetics at a basic level so as to unravel new findings reported in the lay press on a daily basis."
-STEPHANIE SHERMAN, Emory University School of Medicine
"...a wonderful addition to the human genetics landscape."
-TERRY HASSOLD, Case Western Reserve University