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Hospital and Healthcare Security

Hospital and Healthcare Security

Russell Colling | Tony W York



Hospital and Healthcare Security, Fifth Edition, examines the issues inherent to healthcare and hospital security, including licensing, regulatory requirements, litigation, and accreditation standards. Building on the solid foundation laid down in the first four editions, the book looks at the changes that have occurred in healthcare security since the last edition was published in 2001. It consists of 25 chapters and presents examples from Canada, the UK, and the United States. It first provides an overview of the healthcare environment, including categories of healthcare, types of hospitals, the nonhospital side of healthcare, and the different stakeholders. It then describes basic healthcare security risks/vulnerabilities and offers tips on security management planning.
The book also discusses security department organization and staffing, management and supervision of the security force, training of security personnel, security force deployment and patrol activities, employee involvement and awareness of security issues, implementation of physical security safeguards, parking control and security, and emergency preparedness.
Healthcare security practitioners and hospital administrators will find this book invaluable.
* Practical support for healthcare security professionals, including operationally proven policies, and procedures
* Specific assistance in preparing plans and materials tailored to healthcare security programs
* Summary tables and sample forms bring together key data, facilitating ROI discussions with administrators and other departments
* General principles clearly laid out so readers can apply the industry standards most appropriate to their own environment
* Quick-start section for hospital administrators who need an overview of security issues and best practices

"No other healthcare professionals have created a complete text on healthcare security; it stands alone."

Dan Krefting, Corporate Manager, Security & Protection Services, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"This book gives a great overview of the issues inherent to healthcare and hospital security, and shows what makes it unique. It offers readers an understanding of how to create a great security operation or department."

Bonnie Michelman, Director of Police, Security, and Outside Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

"Hospital and Healthcare Security has served as an industry resources since its first publication several decades ago. In the fifth edition, coauthors Russell Colling and Tony York carry on that tradition…. This newest edition is the best single resource for the healthcare security practitioner."

--Security Management magazine

"Whether you are a new healthcare security manager or the seasoned director of a mature healthcare security program this book is an absolute must have in your toolkit. This new edition brings value to our international healthcare security leaders as well and provides a program foundation and framework that is professionally relevant in any healthcare environment."--Don MacAlister, Executive Director, Integrated Protection Services, Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care, British Columbia, Canada