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Mathematical Optimization in Computer Graphics and Vision

Mathematical Optimization in Computer Graphics and Vision

Luiz Velho | Paulo Carvalho | Jonas Gomes | Luiz de Figueiredo



Mathematical optimization is used in nearly all computer graphics applications, from computer vision to animation. This book teaches readers the core set of techniques that every computer graphics professional should understand in order to envision and expand the boundaries of what is possible in their work.

Study of this authoritative reference will help readers develop a very powerful tool- the ability to create and decipher mathematical models that can better realize solutions to even the toughest problems confronting computer graphics community today.

  • Distills down a vast and complex world of information on optimization into one short, self-contained volume especially for computer graphics
  • Helps CG professionals identify the best technique for solving particular problems quickly, by categorizing the most effective algorithms by application
  • Keeps readers current by supplementing the focus on key, classic methods with special end-of-chapter sections on cutting-edge developments