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The Emancipatory City?:Paradoxes and Possibilities

The Emancipatory City?:Paradoxes and Possibilities

Loretta Lees


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'Chris Lee's book ably balances well argued and developed theoretical and practical approaches to behaviour policy and practice. There is also a consistent emphasis - a crucial emphasis- on the need to develop a collegially supportive culture in the management and support of student behaviour in schools. Again, Chris sets out useful, credible and practical guidelines for such support. I commend this biik to teachers and school leaders to enable an informed, serious and grounded review of behaviour management'- Bill Rogers, Education Consultant, Author, Lecturer and Adjunct Professor of Education at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. Dealing with difficult or inappropriate behaviour in schools can be a daunting task for any teacher, regardless of experience. This book provides insights into contemporary issues that inform better behaviour management in schools and practical advice on how to enhance it through policy and practice. Taking a whole-school policy approach, it: -looks at how the behaviour of adults,. children and the school itself affect pupil. behaviour; - provides a framework for schools to. follow, showing them how to generate. their own Behaviour Policy; - contains practical activities to use with a. variety of staff as part of. INSET//Professional Development ; - takes a whole staff approach and. includes advice for teaching assistants. and as well as teachers; - offers suggestions for ways to. disseminate best practice throughout the. school. A must read for teachers, teaching assistants and other professionals who work in schools. Chris Lee is Principal Lecturer in Education and Head of the School of Continuing Professional Development at the University of Plymouth.