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Integration in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Integration in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Mr Phil Lapworth | Ms Charlotte Sills | Sue Fish


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Supported by research findings, many practitioners see great advantage in integrating various approaches into their work rather than following one `pure' form of counselling or psychotherapy. Integration in Counselling and Psychotherapy has been written as a guide for trainees and professionals interested in the philosophy, process and practice of integration.

Part One provides an account of how integration has developed, outlines the generic elements of counselling and psychotherapy, and looks at how to integrate. In Part Two the authors set out their own multidimensional integrative framework and demonstrate its use in clinical practice and in Part Three, they describe a further five frameworks for readers to com
`Any counsellor or psychotherapist interested in understanding and reassuring their integrative framework would benefit from reading this book. It deals with some complex areas in a way that makes it an enjoyable and stimulating read for practitioners and trainees at any level' - Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

Table of Contents

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Prelims (Contents, Abbreviations and Acronyms, Acknowledgements, Introduction: The Shift to Market-Led Microfinance)
1. Meeting: The Practitioners, their Organizations and the Experts
2. In Conversation: The Concept of Market-Led
3. Knowing Your Market
4. The Product Development Process
5. Pricing and Costing
6. Client Satisfaction
7. Human Resource: Development and Management
8. The Institution: Capacity, Structure, and Governance
9. The Environment
10. Critical Issues
11. Conclusion; About Microsave