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Boys Get Anorexia Too

Boys Get Anorexia Too

Jenny Langley


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This unique and important book combines a mine of information with a readable and engaging case study. The author was shocked and horrified when her son developed anorexia at the age of twelve. She turned her attention to finding out as much as she could about how best to combat this terrifying illness. Her son is now fully recovered and has supported this book that not only describes their experiences, but also provides a practical guide on how to cope with male eating disorders.

Table of Contents

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Prelims (Contents, Abbreviations and Acronyms, Acknowledgements, Introduction: The Shift to Market-Led Microfinance)
1. Meeting: The Practitioners, their Organizations and the Experts
2. In Conversation: The Concept of Market-Led
3. Knowing Your Market
4. The Product Development Process
5. Pricing and Costing
6. Client Satisfaction
7. Human Resource: Development and Management
8. The Institution: Capacity, Structure, and Governance
9. The Environment
10. Critical Issues
11. Conclusion; About Microsave