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Approaches to Scaling of Trace Gas Fluxes in Ecosystems

Approaches to Scaling of Trace Gas Fluxes in Ecosystems

A.F. Bouwman


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This excellent book covers techniques used for extrapolating measurements of trace gas fluxes and factors regulating the production, consumption and exchange of trace gases in terrestrial and aquatic environments.
It provides a comprehensive summary of all aspects of scaling, from flux measurement techniques, geographic data, modelling, use of tracers and isotopes, inverse modelling and satellite-borne atmospheric observations. An interesting feature of the book is the fact that both fluxes from terrestrial and aquatic (marine) sources are discussed, along with the uncertainties in estimates of trace gas fluxes at different scales, including point, field, landscape, regional and global scale.
As well as reviewing the state of the art in the field of scaling of fluxes of greenhouse gases, ozone and aerosol and their precursors, and acidifying compounds, the emphasis of this volume is on identification of gaps in knowledge, finding solutions, and determination of future research directions.
W.J. Parton
...this book presents an excellent description of the techniques and models used to estimate trace gas fluxes from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems with a focus on the problems associated with scaling trace gas fluxes up to regional and global flux estimates.
E. Pattey
...this book represents an excellent introduction on the topic.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology