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Ozone Air Pollution in the Sierra Nevada - Distribution and Effects on Forests

Ozone Air Pollution in the Sierra Nevada - Distribution and Effects on Forests

A. Bytnerowicz | R. Alonso | Michael Arbaugh



The book contains information on geology, climate and vegetation of the Sierra Nevada with a special emphasis on air pollution effects on the mixed conifer forests.

A history of the extent of air pollution effects on mixed conifer forests, especially ponderosa and Jeffrey pines is provided. The physiological basis for ozone-type injury development in ponderosa pine, a discussion of ozone uptake by plants at different levels of biological organization and the effects of air pollution and other stresses on mountain forests are discussed. A considerable portion of the book is dedicated to development of statistical models and maps of ambient ozone distribution in the Sierra Nevada based on the 1999 monitoring data with passive samplers. The implications of the methodological results, formulation and application of regional air quality models for integrated assessment of urban and wildland pollution and the need for functionally integrated models of ozone deposition to the Sierra Nevada forests are also discussed. Management and monitoring needs for improved long-term understanding air pollution effects on forest ecosystems, discussion of options for proper management of the air pollution affected forests, and comparison of monitoring and modelling of ozone and forest health status in the Sierra Nevada with similar efforts in mountains of North American and European mountain ranges are the focus of the later chapters of the book.