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Tribochemistry of Lubricating Oils

Tribochemistry of Lubricating Oils

Zenon Pawlak


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Assists scientists, engineers and researchers in the development of a new high performance lubricant·
An essential review of the state of knowledge in tribochemistry.

The first book published related to tribochemistry oils

This latest title takes a new and unconventional look at engine oil as a micellar system. It is the first book of its kind to focus on the tribochemistry of oils and is thus an essential resource to practicing scientists and engineers in the petroleum industry and to all interested in the development of a superior high performance lubricant.

Guaranteeing its broad appeal the book gives an invaluable review of the state of knowledge in the rapidly growing area of tribochemistry. The concept of miscelles is clearly explained along their application to stimulate the quality of engine oil, improve fuel efficiency and maintain adequate wear protection formulation. This represents a fresh approach to the formation of anti-wear tribofilms. A new look at engine design trends is given further assisting engineers in the development of a superior lubricant