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Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis

Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis

Patrick Flandrin


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This highly acclaimed work has so far been available only in French. It is a detailed survey of a variety of techniques for time-frequency/time-scale analysis (the essence of "Wavelet Analysis"). This book has broad and comprehensive coverage of a topic of keen interest to a variety of engineers, especially those concerned with signal and image processing. Flandrin provides a discussion of numerous issues and problems that arise from a mixed description in time and frequency, as well as problems in interpretation inherent in signal theory.

  • Detailed coverage of both linear and quadratic solutions
  • Various techniques for both random and deterministic signals

"Nowadays one can say that signal processing offers a forum to numerous disciplines and requires manifold knowledge which can rarely be combined by a single scientist. P. Flandrin takes up this challenge with so much competence and a truly multi-disciplinary vision."
-Preface, Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis, Yves Meyer, French Academy of Sciences