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Acceleration and Automation of Solid Sample Treatment

Acceleration and Automation of Solid Sample Treatment

J.L. Luque García | M.D. Luque de Castro


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This book aims to provide scientists with information about a series of techniques that can be used with a view to facilitating the transformation of the sample to an appropriate state for subsequent detection or quantitation of its components of interest. The techniques dealt with range from the very simple ones (e.g. freeze-drying) to other more complex ones (e.g. glow discharge and laser-induced breakdown sampling).

This is the first compilation ever on the subjects of acceleration of solid sample pretreatment; automation of solid sample pretreatment; and integration of solid sample pretreatment and detection. Readers will find here the information required to compare and select the best choice for each sample treatment need and ways to facilitate or automate the most complex and time-consuming step of the analytical process when solid samples are involved.
Charles J. Coleman
It is hard to imagine any practicing analytical chemist or spectroscopist who would not benefit from having this excellent book in their technical library. A concise, well-written, and exceptionally informative introduction to solid-sample preparation techniques.
Westinghouse Savannah River Company, Savannah River Technology Centre, USA
John R. Dean
It contains lots of valuable and informative information that transcends all aspects of sample preparation in analytical chemistry, but with a focus on solid samples. The book is a very valuable resource for anyone wanting to get to grips quickly with the subject area.
The Analyst