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Molecular Modeling and Theory in Chemical Engineering

Molecular Modeling and Theory in Chemical Engineering

James Wei | Morton M. Denn | John H. Seinfeld | Arup Chakraborty | Jackie Ying | Nicholas Peppas | George Stephanopoulos


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In recent years chemical engineers have become increasingly involved in the design and synthesis of new materials and products as well as the development of biological processes and biomaterials. Such applications often demand that product properties be controlled with precision. Molecular modeling, simulating chemical and molecular structures or processes by computer, aids scientists in this endeavor. Volume 28 of Advances in Chemical Engineering presents discussions of theoretical and computational methods as well as their applications to specific technologies.
"By scanning the progression of topics from the earliest volumes to the present one, it is possible to gain a perspective on the growth and evolution of chemical engineering from artful practice to rigorous science. During these past two decades the field has become one of the premier applied sciences by virtue of its vigor and scope."