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Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry

E. F. V. AAA | H. Suschitzky


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The 16 accounts in Volume 7 are all written by leading researchers in their field and these accounts constitute a systematic survey of the important original material reported in the literature on heterocyclic chemistry in 1994. Chapter 1 surveys useful synthetic routes to "Polyfunctional Pyrroles and Pyrazoles" starting from conjugated azoalkenes. This review is based on the researches of O.A. Attanasi and his school in Urbino (Italy). The second review is unconventional, comprising a compilation of the "Application of Diels-Alder Cycloaddition Chemistry for Heterocyclic Synthesis". Written by the president of the International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry, A. Padwa, it is in an unusual format, with a pertinent list of references dating back forty years in some cases. The remaining chapters deal with advances in the heterocyclic field, arranged in ascending order or ring size. As with previous volumes in the series, Volume 7 will enable academics and industrial chemists, and advanced students to keep abreast of developments in heterocyclic chemistry in an effortless way.
Alan Heaton
Congratulations are again due to the editors for 'fitting a quart into a pint pot', as Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry contains a large amount of material. As this series is now so well established and highly regarded by heterocyclic chemists, it is difficult to find new things to say.... Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry maintains the high standards of its predecessors.
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