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Aerosol Science for Industrial Hygienists

Aerosol Science for Industrial Hygienists

J.H. Vincent


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Aerosols in workplace atmospheres have been - and continue to be - a major focus of industrial hygiene. Although there are many existing texts on aerosol science and on occupational health respectively, this new book sets out to be complementary to these and to provide a link between the two fields. In particular, the central concept of worker exposure leads to a structured approach which draws together wide-ranging aspects of aerosol science within the occupational health framework. Introductory chapters are concerned with the nature and properties of aerosols, and how they are generated in the occupational environment. The book then goes on to provide a description of the fundamental mechanical properties of aerosols, in particular those mechanical properties associated with the motion of airborne particles (which govern particle transport, inhalation, deposition, sampling and control). There follows a description of the optical properties of workplace aerosols since these are important in the visual appearance of aerosols and in many aspects of measurement. The central core of the book deals with the processes which govern the nature of exposure to and the subsequent fate and effects of airborne particles, leading to a rational framework for standards, measurement and control. Finally, a chapter is added which relates what has been said about aerosols to gaseous and vapour contaminants. The book is aimed at graduate students and practitioners in industrial hygiene and other occupational (and environmental) health disciplines.
Ian Colbeck
These equations and examples will certainly help students new to the field to gain a basic understanding of aerosol science.... Overall I would recommend his book, not only to its targetted audience, but also to the experienced researcher who should find numerous ares of interest therein.
G. Patrick, Leicester
This book is written for graduate students in occupational hygiene, and provides an excellent introduction to the scientific basis of the properties, behaviour and measurement of aerosols as they arise in industry.... A notable feature is the wealth of worked numerical examples, which will ensure a rigorous grounding for the reader in key topics...handsomely produced...doubtless be a valuable acquisition by students in the field for some time to come.

M. Guillemin excellent reference text book for the education and training of occupational hygienists and other professionals in the field of occupational health. Clearly written and carefully illustrated with numerous figures, it contains many examples of problems along with detailed solutions helping the reader to understand the equations, their significance and their uses. This text book presents the state of the art in the field of aerosol science for the occupational health field.
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