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Lossless Compression Handbook

Lossless Compression Handbook

Khalid Sayood


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The 21 chapters in this handbook are written by the leading experts in the world on the theory, techniques, applications, and standards surrounding lossless compression. As with most applied technologies, the standards section is of particular importance to practicing design engineers. In order to create devices and communication systems that can communicate and be compatible with other systems and devices, standards must be followed.
*Clearly explains the process of compression and transmission of multimedia signals
*Invaluable resource for engineers dealing with image processing, signal processing, multimedia systems, wireless technology and more
Never before has the topic of lossless compression been so topical. That's why the recent publication of Lossless Compression Handbook,is so timely. - EMedia, The Digital Studio Magazine, May 2003
Overall, this book is a wonderful introduction and a handy reference to the topic of lossless compression. I recommend this book in the library of every working individual who is working in this area of lossless compression.
- IEEE Circuits & Devices Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2004