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Microtubules, in vitro

Microtubules, in vitro

Leslie Wilson | John J. Correia | Leslie Wilson | John J. Correia


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There continues to be intense interest in the microtubule cytoskeleton; the assembly, structure and regulation of microtubules; and the numerous motors and accessory proteins that control cell cycle, dynamics, organization and transport. The field continues to grow and explore new aspects of these issues driven immensely by developments in optical imaging and tracking techniques. This volume (complemented by the forthcoming companion volume by Cassimeris and Tran) brings together current research and protocols in the field of microtoubules in vitro and will serve as a valuable tool for cell biologists, biophysicists and pharmacologists who study the microtubule cytoskeleton, as well as for researchers in the biomedical and biotechnology communities with interest in developing drugs that target microtubules, MAPS and motors.

* Chapters reflect both experimental procedures and new developments in the field of microtubule in vitro research.
* Combines classical approaches and modern technologies
* Presents easy-to-use protocols and thorough background information, compiled by leaders in the field