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Exploring Geovisualization

Exploring Geovisualization

J. Dykes | A.M. MacEachren | M.-J. Kraak


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Sophisticated interactive maps are increasingly used to explore information - guiding us through data landscapes to provide information and prompt insight and understanding. Geovisualization is an emerging domain that draws upon disciplines such as computer science, human-computer interaction
design, cognitive sciences, graphical statistics, data visualization, information visualization, geographic information science and cartography to discuss, develop and evaluate interactive cartography.

This review and exploration of the current and future status of geovisualization has been produced by key researchers and practitioners from around the world in various cognate fields of
study. The thirty-six chapters present summaries of work undertaken, case studies focused on new methods and their application, system descriptions, tests of their implementation, plans for collaboration and reflections on experiences of using and developing geovisualization techniques.

In total, over 50 pages of color are provided in the book along with more than 250 color images on an enclosed CD-ROM.
"I confess I have found this well set out...If you wish for expert and exhaustive information about present trends you need look no further."
-Dr. Geoffrey Tapper, Shaftesbury,Dorset, IMCOS JOURNAL