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Sulfuric Acid Manufacture

Sulfuric Acid Manufacture

Matt King | Michael Moats | William G. Davenport | Matthew J. King


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More sulfuric acid is produced every year than any other chemical. It has a wide range of uses including phosphate fertilizer production, explosives, glue, wood preservatives, and lead-acid batteries. It is also a particularily corrosive and dangerous acid, with extreme environmental and health hazards if not manufactured, used, and regulated properly.
Sulfuric Acid Manufacture: Analysis, Control and Optimization keeps the important topics of safety and regulation at the forefront as it overviews and analyzes the process of sulfuric acid manufacture.
The first nine chapters focus on the chemical plant processes involved in industrial acidmaking, with considerable data input from the authors' industrial colleagues. The last 15 chapters are dedicated to the mathematical analysis of acidmaking.
Both Authors bring years of hands-on knowledge and experience to the work, making it an exceptional reference for anyone involved in sulfuric acid research and/or manufacture.
* Only book to examine the processes of sulfuric acid manufacture from an industrial plant standpoint as well as mathematical.
* Draws on the industrial connections of the authors, through their years of hands-on experience in sulfuric acid manufacture.
* A considerable amount of industrial plant data is presented to support the text.