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Measuring Attitudes CrossNationally

Measuring Attitudes CrossNationally

Roger Jowell, Caroline Roberts, Rory Fitzgerald


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Winner of the 2006 The Descartes Prize for excellence in collaborative scientific research . Written by members of the design and implementation team for the groundbreaking European Social Survey (ESS), reviews current best practice in the conduct of cross-national, cross-cultural quantitative research.

Table of Contents

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Prelims (Contents, Figures, Tables, Boxes, Training Exercises, Acknowledgements)
1. Introduction
2. Conflict management; What is consensus building?
3. Principles of consensus building; Process of consensus building
4. Office-based conflict analysis
5. Provisional conflict-management plan; Participatory conflict analysis
6. The conflict analysis framework; Capacity building; Consensual negotiation
7. Facilitation; Workshop design and methods; Managing difficult people
8. Consensual negotiation tools
Back Matter (Appendices 1-4: Briefing notes for Training Exercise, References )