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Emulsions: Structure, Stability and Interactions

Emulsions: Structure, Stability and Interactions

Dimiter N. Petsev



Emulsions: Structure, Stability and Interactions is the perfect handbook for scientists looking to obtain up-to-date knowledge about the fundamentals of emulsion science, and those looking to familiarize themselves with the subject in greater detail.

As a ‘stand-alone’ source of information, it is also ideal for solving the practical issues encountered daily in the field of emulsion science.

While each chapter presents a concise review on a specific topic, the book offers a consistent presentation of the important physical concepts relevant to emulsions. Some of the topics covered include statistical mechanics of fluid interfaces, the structure of fluid interfaces determined by neutron scattering, hydrodynamic interactions and stability of emulsion films, theory of emulsion flocculation, coalescence kinetics of Brownian emulsions, and Brownian dynamics simulation of emulsion stability.

  • Full and comprehensive presentations
  • Rigorous approach to each topic, providing in-depth information
  • Acts as a 'stand-alone' source of information