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Hypercrosslinked Polymeric Networks and Adsorbing Materials

Hypercrosslinked Polymeric Networks and Adsorbing Materials

Vadim Davankov | Maria P. Tsyurupa



Hypercrosslinked network polymers present a new class of polymeric materials with very wide application possibilities, including adsorption technology, ion exchange, HPLC, analytical chemistry, nanotechnology (nanocomposites), medical polymers

  • First book describing the theory, practice of preparation and use of polymeric adsorbing materials with the emphasis on new hypercrosslinked polystyrene-type polymers
  • Written by the originators of the concept of hypercrosslinked polymers
  • Complex phenomena are explained by appealing to common sense, analogies and well-known effects, rather than complex mathematical treatment and computer modelling
  • Reviews many Russian, German and even Czech language publications
  • Contains numerous experimental data in the form of Figures and Tables