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Structures and Fracture ebook Collection

Structures and Fracture ebook Collection

Uwe Zerbst | Victor Giurgiutiu | Frank J. Fahy | Bingen Yang | K. Ravi-Chandar


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Structures and Fracture ebook Collection contains 5 of our best-selling titles, providing the ultimate reference for every structural engineer’s library. Get access to over 3000 pages of reference material, at a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books.
This CD contains the complete ebooks of the following 5 titles:
Zerbst, Fitness-for-Service Fracture Assessment for Structures, 9780080449470
Giurgiutiu, Structural Health Monitoring, 9780120887606
Fahy, Sound & Structural Vibration 2nd Edition, 9780123736338
Yang, Stress, Strain and Structural Dynamics, 9780127877679
Ravi-Chandar, Dynamic Fracture , 9780080443522
*Five fully searchable titles on one CD providing instant access to the ULTIMATE library of engineering materials for structural engineers and professionals.
*3000 pages of practical and theoretical structural dynamics and fracture information in one portable package.
*Incredible value at a fraction of the cost of the print books