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X-Radiography of Textiles, Dress and Related Objects

X-Radiography of Textiles, Dress and Related Objects

Sonia O'Connor | Mary Brooks


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X-radiography of textile objects reveals hidden features as well as unexpected components and materials. This non-destructive technique throws light on construction, manufacturing techniques, use, wear, repair, patterns of decay and dating. X-radiography improves artefact documentation and interpretation as well as guiding conservation approaches by enhancing understanding.

This book explores techniques for X-raying textiles. It describes approaches to image interpretation and explains how, through digitisation and digital image manipulation, maximum information can be realised. Case studies include archaeological, ecclesiastical and ethnographic textiles, items of dress and accessories, upholstery, quilts, embroideries, dolls and toys. Museum professionals will find this stimulating book an essential guide for developing their own practice or commissioning textile X-radiographs.

* Innovative treatment of X-radiography for textile study and conservation
* Accessible case study approach provides inspiration for future projects
* Includes section on digitization and digital image processing