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Joe Grand's Best of Hardware, Wireless, and Game Console Hacking

Joe Grand's Best of Hardware, Wireless, and Game Console Hacking

Joe Grand | Frank Thornton | Albert Yarusso | Lee Barken | Tom Owad | Ryan Russell | Bobby Kinstle | Marcus R Brown | Job de Haas | Deborah Kaplan


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The book introduces the principles of hardware design and describes the tools and techniques required to begin hacking. The DVD contains hack instructions for over 20 game consoles and hardware devices from Nintendo, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Palm and more.
The presentation of these 20 projects on DVD media provides users with benefits and options not available on the printed page. All images are hi-res color that can be enlarged or printed, the text is easily searched, and the user can copy the contents to their hard disk and add comments directly into the PDF files. The DVD media also lends itself well to group projects (it includes a 10 user license).
The 160-page book includes chapters on hacking tools and electrical engineering basics, along with chapters on the background, design and functionality of each hardware device.
* Packed full of high resolution colour images that reveal the smallest details of each step in a hack
* Includes in depth coverage of the tools of the hacking trade and the basics of electrical engineering
* DVD includes a "Using the Tools" video starring Joe "kingpin" Grand