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A New Ecology

A New Ecology

Sven Erik Jørgensen | Brian D. Fath | Simone Bastianoni | Joao C. Marques | Felix Muller | S. Nors Nielsen | Bernard D. Patten | Enzo Tiezzi | Robert E. Ulanowicz


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A New Ecology presents an ecosystem theory based on the following ecosystem properties: physical openness, ontic openness, directionality, connectivity, a complex dynamic for growth and development, and a complex dynamic response to disturbances. Each of these properties is developed in detail to show that these basic and characteristic properties can be applied to explain a wide spectrum of ecological obsevations and convections. It is also shown that the properties have application for environmental management and for assessment of ecosystem health.
* Demonstrates an ecosystem theory that can be applied to explain ecological observations and rules
* Presents an ecosystem theory based upon a systems approach
* Discusses an ecosystem theory that is based on a few basic properties that are characteristic for ecosystmes