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Maple By Example

Maple By Example

Martha L. L. Abell | James P. Braselton


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Maple by Example, Third Edition, is a reference/text for beginning and experienced students, professional engineers, and other Maple users. This new edition has been updated to be compatible with the most recent release of the Maple software. Coverage includes built-in Maple commands used in courses and practices that involve calculus, linear algebra, business mathematics, ordinary and partial differential equations, numerical methods, graphics and more.
* Updated coverage of Maple features and functions
* Backwards compatible for all versions
* New applications from a variety of fields, including biology, physics and engineering
* Expanded topics with many additional examples
"Overall, I found the book very nice to read and easy to follow. All major aspects of Maple that a novice to intermediate user would come across are covered."
- Laurent Bernard, Maplesoft, Inc.
"The book is eminently readable with a good narrative style and a good blend of didactic exposition followed by the relevant Maple commands. What is especially instructive is the numerous times alternative ways are used to produce equivalent answers showing the versatility of Maple and leaving the choice of method to the reader who attempts similar problems."
- David Hodgkinson, University of Liverpool