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Legal Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Legal Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Peter Jenkins


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`This is an excellent book. It builds well on Peter Jenkins' admirable earlier contribution to our knowledge of the many legal matters that are of vital concern to counsellors (Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Law, SAGE 1997) It is mY intention, as a counsellor and lecturer to make Peter Jenkins' new book required reading for all our students. Indeed I would go as far to say that all counsellors, not matter how experienced they consider themselves, should consider this book as essential reading. As the advert says, "don't leave home without one!" - Norman Claringbull, Counselling at Work

`This is good value for trainees and experienced practitioners alike, provoking reflection and providing a useful reference source' - Sally Scott, Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

Counsellors and psychotherapists are increasingly seeing the impact of legal issues on their practice and yet many feel under-prepared for the challenges they have to face. Legal Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy is a much-needed source of advice and reference which examines the rapidly growing range of situations in which therapists find themselves in contact with the law - in their everyday practice, in specialist work, or when facing a legal case against them.

The first part covers the current legal context of therapeutic work including confidentiality, contracts, data protection and court reports. Chapters include: defining work by leading writers from the therapeutic and legal worlds, as well as an illuminating account by a client who brought a successful case against her therapist.

Some areas of therapeutic work are particularly circumscribed by legal issues and the second part examines the specific implications for therapists in relation to:

- working with survivors of sexual abuse

-working in legal settings

-false memory

-the Human Rights Act.

Looking to the future, the book also examines the implications of professional regulation for all counsellors and psychotherapists.

The need for counsellors and psychotherapists to be well informed about the law is rapidly growing. Legal Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy therefore provides access to essential information which will be of great value to trainees, practitioners and supervisors.
`This is good value for trainees and experienced practitioners alike, provoking reflection and providing a useful reference source' - Sally Scott, Healthcae Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal

Table of Contents

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Prelims (Figures, tables and boxes/ Preface/ Foreword)
1 Reflections on well-being: from GDP to local communities and their landscapes
2 Exploring a new approach to well-being assessment
3 Community well-being in Bolivia: an indigenous perspective
4 Community well-being in Sri Lanka: a Buddhist perspective
5 Community well-being in Ghana: a traditional perspective
6 Community well-being and biodiversity conservation: examples from the Equator Initiative
7 An analysis of community well-being in biocultural landscapes: are we living well?
Back Matter (Annex 1 Poverty reduction outcomes in community-led natural resources management programmes)