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The UHMWPE Handbook

The UHMWPE Handbook

Steven M. Kurtz



Recently, the orthopedic industry developed new processing techniques (radiation crosslinking), which are expected to dramatically reduce wear and improve the longevity of hip implants beyond 10 years.
This book describes the history and properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) used in artificial joints by describing its properties and reviewing the latest clinical results.
* The most up-to-date information on the properties of UHMWPE
* Endorsed by Ticona - the world's leading manufacturer of UHMWPE for medical use
* An enormous 'installed base' of over 1.4 million procedures each year
* UHMWPE has been used by orthopedists for over 40 years, yet its properties and performance in situ are still not well understood
“The UHMWPE Handbook is a comprehensive yet concise presentation of the important role that polyethylene has played and continues to play in the treatment armamentarium of the orthopaedic surgeon. The author and his colleagues are to be commended for compiling this information and producing an authoritative and useful resource for our speciality.” – The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery