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Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists, ISE

Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists, ISE

Hans J. Weber | George B. Arfken


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This new adaptation of Arfken and Weber's bestselling Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Fifth Edition, is the most comprehensive, modern, and accessible reference for using mathematics to solve physics problems.

REVIEWERS SAY: "Examples are excellent. They cover a wide range of physics problems." --Bing Zhou, University of Michigan

"The ideas are communicated very well and it is easy to understand...It has a more modern treatment than most, has a very complete range of topics and each is treated in sufficient detail....I'm not aware of another better book at this level..." --Gary Wysin, Kansas State University

  • This is a more accessible version of Arken/Weber's blockbuster reference, which already has more than 13,000 sales worldwide
  • Many more detailed, worked-out examples illustrate how to use and apply mathematical techniques to solve physics problems
  • More frequent and thorough explanations help readers understand, recall, and apply the theory
  • New introductions and review material provide context and extra support for key ideas
  • Many more routine problems reinforce basic, foundational concepts and computations

"...achieves a comprehensive coverage of the 'essential' topics in mathematical physics at the undergraduate level...filled with enlightening examples..."
- David Hwang, University of California at Davis
"The book contains many worked out problems some of which are solved in more than one way to accommodate different learning needs and styles..."
- Amit Chakrabati, Kansas State University