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Web Dragons

Web Dragons

Ian H. Witten | Marco Gori | Teresa Numerico



Web Dragons offers a perspective on the world of Web search and the effects of search engines and information availability on the present and future world.

In the blink of an eye since the turn of the millennium, the lives of people who work with information have been utterly transformed. Everything we need to know is on the web. It's where we learn and play, shop and do business, keep up with old friends and meet new ones. Search engines make it possible for us to find the stuff we need to know. Search engines — web dragons — are the portals through which we access society's treasure trove of information. How do they stack up against librarians, the gatekeepers over centuries past? What role will libraries play in a world whose information is ruled by the web? How is the web organized? Who controls its contents, and how do they do it? How do search engines work? How can web visibility be exploited by those who want to sell us their wares? What's coming tomorrow, and can we influence it?

As we witness the dawn of a new era, this book shows readers what it will look like and how it will change their world. Whoever you are: if you care about information, this book will open your eyes and make you blink.

  • Presents a critical view of the idea of funneling information access through a small handful of gateways and the notion of a centralized index--and the problems that may cause
  • Provides promising approaches for addressing the problems, such as the personalization of web services
  • Presented by authorities in the field of digital libraries, web history, machine learning, and web and data mining
  • Find more information at the author's site:

Ian is a terrific writer, and has the ability to make this material come to life. I expect a very creative manuscript, with a good balance between rigor and illustrative anecdotes.--Craig Nevill-Manning, Google.