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Smithells Metals Reference Book

Smithells Metals Reference Book

William F. Gale | Terry C. Totemeier


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Smithells is the only single volume work which provides data on all key apsects of metallic materials.
Smithells has been in continuous publication for over 50 years. This 8th Edition represents a major revision.
Four new chapters have been added for this edition. these focus on;
* Non conventional and emerging materials - metallic foams, amorphous metals (including bulk metallic glasses), structural intermetallic compounds and micr/nano-scale materials.
* Techniques for the modelling and simulation of metallic materials.
* Supporting technologies for the processing of metals and alloys.
* An Extensive bibliography of selected sources of further metallurgical information, including books, journals, conference series, professional societies, metallurgical databases and specialist search tools.
* One of the best known and most trusted sources of reference since its first publication more than 50 years ago
* The only single volume containing all the data needed by researchers and professional metallurgists
* Fully updated to the latest revisions of international standards
Reviews of previous editions:
"A publication of no equal that has become an essential reference during its 35 years of publication." ASLIB Book List
"All metallurgists will covet a copy of Smithells." Chemistry and Industry
"(It) provides an invaluable reference source for all workers, libraries and research laboratories in the field of engineering and metallurgy." BNF Abstract
"...metallurgists and engineers in industry or academia, whose work involves metals and metal processes, will find this book an invaluable, must-have reference." - IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, 2005