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Multiscale Modelling of Polymer Properties

Multiscale Modelling of Polymer Properties

E. Perpète | Manuel Laso


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Modelling in polymer materials science has experienced a dramatic growth in the last two decades. Advances in modeling methodologies together with rapid growth in computational power have made it possible to address increasingly complex questions both of a fundamental and of a more applied nature.
Multiscale Modelling of Polymer Properties assembles research done on modeling of polymeric materials from a hierarchical point of view, in which several methods are combined in a multilevel approach to complex polymeric materials. Contributions from academic and industrial experts are organized in two parts: the first one addresses the methodological aspects while the second one focuses on specific applications. The book aims at comprehensively assessing the current state of the field, including the strengths and shortcomings of available modelling techniques, and at identifying future needs and trends.
* Several levels of approximation to the field of polymer modelling; ranging from first-principles to purely macroscopic
* Contributions from both academic and industrial experts with varying fields of expertise
* Assesses current state of this emerging and rapidly growing field