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Process Plant Machinery

Process Plant Machinery

Heinz P. Bloch | Claire Soares


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Process Plant Machinery provides the mechanical, chemical or plant engineer with the information needed to choose equipment best suited for a particular process, to determine optimum efficiency, and to conduct basic troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.
Process Plant Machinery is a unique single-source reference for engineers, managers and technical personnel who need to acquire an understanding of the machinery used in modern process plants: prime movers and power transmission machines; pumping equipment; gas compression machinery; and mixing, conveying, and separation equipment. Starting with an overview of each class, the book quickly leads the reader through practical applications and size considerations into profusely illustrated component descriptions. Where necessary, standard theory is expertly explained in shortcut formulas and graphs. Maintainability and vulnerability concerns are dealt with as well.
Fully updated with all new equipment available
Comprehensive Coverage
Multi-industry relevance
This book is an excellent resource for information on plant machinery...highly recommended for plant and process design engineers, technologists, and plant maintenance personnel. The book is easy to read, well organised and indexed.
Chemical Engineering. July 2000
'provides chemical, mechanical and plant engineers with the information needed to choose equipment best suited for a particular process'
Chemical Industry Digest, Feb 2001