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Quality Management for the Technology Sector

Quality Management for the Technology Sector

Joseph Berk | Susan Berk



There are many standards, methods and perhaps most confusing, but most importantly of all acronyms in use in the field of quality management, and especially so in the field of technology-based products. From the seemingly simple concepts of ISO 9000 (and the military MIL standards from which that grew) to statistical and analytical methods like Statistical Process Control (SPC) the range of complexity and compliance is staggering. What the average quality engineer or manager needs is a simple guide to what these are, how they relate to one another and most critically how to take advantage of and implement the benefits of each. This book provides that guidance.
Written by a quality consultant with over 20 years experience in precisely these fields, including work with the US Defense Department, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, and many other leading companies, this book provides an easily digestible toolbox of solutions to quality and management problems for every engineer, manager and even student looking for those answers for the medium to high-technology sector manufacturing company. This is a highly practical book which includes all the major topics in quality as well as case studies from relevant real-world situations yet without the need to wade through reams of reference materials and international standards verbiage. If you need to get to the bottom of problems like these, you need this book.
Targetted at the Technology company engineer and quality manager
Highly illustrated, comprehensive subject coverage
Practical examples and case studies used throughout
'The book addresses the two major areas of Quality, people managment and technical expertise. This is refreshing because it treats these topics openly and honestly, noting the pitfalls of specific Quality initiatives as well as the benefits.' - Douglas Caldwell, Management Visibility, The Boeing Company
'The book provides a great treatment of current continuous improvement tools and technologies. The direct, to the point and is easy to read. Although many of the concepts are quantitative, Berk's use of examples and case studies makes the material easy to follow.' - Jerry Ricketts, Vice President, Operations, OEA Aerospace
'I would highly recommend this book not just to quality assurance professionals, but to professionals in all disciplines.' - John W. Gozza, Quality Assurance Manager, Composite Structures LLC.
This practical, no-nonsense book speaks to many of the needs of quality practitioners in technology based industries. The work provides a succinct yet comprehensive perspective of a number of the available quality tools and techniques. Tables, diagrams, charts and three case studies illuminate the management principles and technical practices discussed.
-Quality Progress
The book is practically based with a wealth of examples from technology industries, presented in user-friendly scenarios and dialogues.
-Quality World