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Finance Director's Handbook

Finance Director's Handbook

Glynis D Morris | Sonia McKay | Andrea Oates


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With Financial reporting becoming increasingly complex, particularly for listed companies, the emphasis is now firmly on transparency and accountability. Accounting scandals have led to a greater focus on the role of audit committees and non-executive directors. This, along with the need for sound risk management procedures and internal controls, as well as increased regulation, puts the finance director under unremitting pressure.

The Finance Director’s Handbook (4th edition) is a comprehensive guide to the wide range of duties that many modern finance directors undertake, and provides up to date coverage of the varied aspects of the finance director’s role. Detailed sections are devoted to: audit, cash flow management, corporate governance, corporate transactions, financial reporting, management accounting, taxation, and treasury and risk management.

Recent changes covered in this edition include:
* Audit – the move to international auditing standards, and changes to the regulation of auditors and the disclosure of auditors’ remuneration.
* Company Law – the introduction of the IAS framework, and other legislative changes affecting annual accounts, reports and the small company regime. The book also includes further proposals set out in the draft Company Law Reform Bill.
* Corporate Governance – revision of the Turnbull Guidance on internal control and changes made to the Combined Code for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 November 2006.
* Financial Reporting – the move towards international accounting standards, changes in the role of the ASB, FRRP and UITF, new requirements on the directors’ report, and changes to the form and content of summary financial statements.
* Investor Relations – recent developments in shareholder voting and in corporate social responsibility reporting.
* Pensions – changes in pensions legislation and accounting for pension costs.
* Treasury - new accounting and disclosure requirements in respect of financial instruments.

Written by Glynis D Morris BA FCA, a highly experienced business advisor and author, with contributions from Sonia McKay (Employment Law) and Andrea Oates (Health and Safety) of the Labour Research Department.

* Classic best seller, updated to cover the new UK companies act (spring 2006 ) -- an invaluable quick reference desk resource for the busy Finance Director
* Updated to include revisions to company law, and international accounting standards
* New legislative material on employment law and health and safety