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Orbital Mechanics

Orbital Mechanics

Howard Curtis


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Orbital mechanics is a cornerstone subject for aerospace engineering students. However, with its basis in classical physics and mechanics, it can be a difficult and weighty subject. Howard Curtis - Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle University, the US's #1 rated undergraduate aerospace school - focuses on what students at undergraduate and taught masters level really need to know in this hugely valuable text. Fully supported by the analytical features and computer based tools required by today's students, it brings a fresh, modern, accessible approach to teaching and learning orbital mechanics. A truly essential new resource.
* A complete, stand-alone text for this core aerospace engineering subject
* Richly-detailed, up-to-date curriculum coverage; clearly and logically developed to meet the needs of students
* Highly illustrated and fully supported with downloadable MATLAB algorithms for project and practical work; with fully worked examples throughout, Q&A material, extensive homework exercises and an Instructor's Manual.
"This book will be exceedingly attractive and useful not only to students but also to other researchers or practiced engineers..." - Alexander M. Jablonski, 'Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students', June 2005