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Nonimaging Optics

Nonimaging Optics

Roland Winston | Juan C. Minano | Pablo G. Benitez | With contributions by Narkis Shatz and John C. Bortz


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From its inception nearly 30 years ago, the optical subdiscipline now referred to as nonimaging optics, has experienced dramatic growth. The term nonimaging optics is concerned with applications where imaging formation is not important but where effective and efficient collection , concentration, transport and distribution of light energy is - i.e. solar energy conversion, signal detection, illumination optics, measurement and testing. This book will incorporate the substantial developments of the past decade in this field.
* Includes all substantial developments of the past decade in the rapidly moving field of nonimaging optics
* The only authoritative reference on nonimaging optics, from the leader in the field
"This is the right book for all who need to collect light efficiently." - OPN Optics & Photonics News, Sept. 2006