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Practical Guide to Surface Science and Spectroscopy

Practical Guide to Surface Science and Spectroscopy

Yip-Wah Chung


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Practical Guide to Surface Science and Spectroscopy provides a practical introduction to surface science as well as describes the basic analytical techniques that researchers use to understand what occurs at the surfaces of materials and at their interfaces. These techniques include auger electron spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, inelastic scattering of electrons and ions, low energy electron diffraction, scanning probe microscopy, and interfacial segregation. Understanding the behavior of materials at their surfaces is essential for materials scientists and engineers as they design and fabricate microelectronics and semiconductor devices.

The book gives over 100 examples, discussion questions and problems with varying levels of difficulty. Included with this book is a CD-ROM, which not only contains the same information, but also provides many elements of animation and interaction that are not easily emulated on paper. In diverse subject matters ranging from the operation of ion pumps, computer-assisted data acquisition to tapping mode atomic force microscopy, the interactive component is especially helpful in conveying difficult concepts and retention of important information. The succinct style and organization of this practical guide is ideal for anyone who wants to get up to speed on a given topic in surface spectroscopy or phenomenon within a reasonable amount of time.
Key Features
* Both theory and practice are emphasized
* Logical organization allows one to get up to speed on any given topic quickly
* Numerous examples, questions for discussion and practice problems are included
* The CD includes animation and interactive elements that help to convey difficult concepts
"...excellent compact survey...the writing is clear, there are good discussion questions and problems as well as good diagrams."
--Choice, October 2001