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Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition

Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition

Omid Omidvar | Judith Dayhoff



This book is one of the most up-to-date and cutting-edge texts available on the rapidly growing application area of neural networks. Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition focuses on the use of neural networksin pattern recognition, a very important application area for neural networks technology. The contributors are widely known and highly respected researchers and practitioners in the field.

  • Features neural network architectures on the cutting edge of neural network research
  • Brings together highly innovative ideas on dynamical neural networks
  • Includes articles written by authors prominent in the neural networks research community
  • Provides an authoritative, technically correct presentation of each specific technical area

"Contributors incorporate landmark results on how neural network models have evolved from simple feedforward systems into advanced neural architectures with self-sustained activity patters, simple and complicated oscillations, specialized time elements, and new capabilities for analysis and processing of time-varying signals. Coverage includes the architecture and capabilities of pulse-coupled networks; the relationship between automata and recurrent neural networks; and a putative neurobiological model that correlates with trial-and-error learning." --REFERENCE AND RESEARCH BOOK NEWS