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Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences

Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences

John W. Fuquay | Paul L. H. McSweeney | Patrick F. Fox


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Dairy Science includes the study of milk and milk-derived food products, examining the biological, chemical, physical, and microbiological aspects of milk itself as well as the technological (processing) aspects of the transformation of milk into its various consumer products, including beverages, fermented products, concentrated and dried products, butter and ice cream.

This new edition includes information on the possible impact of genetic modification of dairy animals, safety concerns of raw milk and raw milk products, peptides in milk, dairy-based allergies, packaging and shelf-life and other topics of importance and interest to those in dairy research and industry.

  • Fully reviewed, revised and updated with the latest developments in Dairy Science
  • Full color inserts in each volume illustrate key concepts
  • Extended index for easily locating information

Praise for the first edition:

"...Highly recommended." - Anita Ezzo, Food Science and Technology Librarian, Michigan State University Library

"...This is an item that is a must for every library dealing with dairy and in general food science." -- INTERNATIONAL DAIRY JOURNAL (January 2004)