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The Adolescent Experience

The Adolescent Experience

Thomas P. Gullotta | Gerald R. Adams | Carol A. Markstrom


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The Adolescent Experience places the college student at the very heart of the book. The authors engage in a dialogue with the reader that is warm, caring, and often humorous as they write and share material about this time of life. The authors emphasize the role that development and society play in the lives of young people. The book has a solid research basis with a historical and multicultural focus. But most important, the book is practical and applied with the strongest prevention/health promotion material available in any basic undergraduate adolescent psychology text currently on the market.
Key Features
* Focuses on health promotion and illness prevention
* Provides not only a U.S. but also a much needed Canadian perspective to this life stage
* Involves students as participants in a long-standing inquiry into the nature of adolescence as they are introduced to the latest research in the field
* Provides students with the latest practical information in subject areas like sexuality, drugs and alcohol, suicide and depression, eating disorders, crime, delinquency, and violent behavior
* List server links student and/or instructor to authors
* Explores the uniqueness of North America's multi-culturalism
* Illustrates important concepts using literature and social history to make them tangible to students
From the Pre-publication Reviews
"This book has the double value of being user-friendly and scientifically accurate. It is fun to read and, at the same time, it is full of real knowledge that can be applied. It includes excellent coverage of prevention issues rarely found in texts. I recommend it to parents, counselors, and school officials, as well as to teen-agers."
--ROGER WEISSBERG, Professor of Psychology, Director of Graduate Studies and Executive Director of the Collaboration for the Advancement of Social and Emotional Learning, University of Illinois, Chicago; past President of the American Psychological Association's Society for Community Research and Action
"This text has the rare combination of user friendliness--clear and appealing language--and scientific accuracy--admirable use of the research literature. It presents both sides of unresolved issues and encourages the reader to make efforts to reach a decision. In addition to being a great textbook, I found it invaluable as a way of reviewing the latest findings across the broad field of adolescence."
--GEORGE W. ALBEE, Professor Emeritus at the University of Vermont; Courtesy Professor at Florida Mental Health Institute; directed the Task Panel on Prevention for President Carter's Commission on Mental Health; past President of the American Psychological Association
"Tom Gullotta and his associates have written a warm and student-friendly textbook filled with enlightening and helpful information. They have integrated mental health issues and concerns with suggestions for personal and public health strategies to promote health and prevent mental illness during this life stage. This book is a keeper that will help student and professional readers better understand adolescence."
--MICHAEL M. FAENZA, MSSW, President and CEO, National Mental Health Association
"All of us who work with children and their families strive to ensure healthy growth and maturation for those children. And we all know what a challenge that can be! The Adolescent Experience provides an interdisciplinary, comprehensive overview of one of the most stressful periods of any child's life. Topics range from theories of behavior and cognitive development, to family and peer relationships, to sexuality issues, to alcohol and drug use. I especially appreciated the strong focus on prevention, which encourages youth workers to help adolescents build on their own strengths to cope with stress and to ease the transition points in their lives. Another important feature is the recognition of the special needs of ethnic and racial groups and how a person's culture can be used to assist in healing and recovery. The authors, Tom Gullotta, Gerald Adams, and Carol Markstrom, have done a tremendous job in applying their impressive knowledge to improve the well-being of youth. The Adolescent Experience is a valuable resource that belongs in every youth worker's library!"
--DAVID S. LIEDERMAN, Executive Director, Child Welfare League of America
"Finally, a text on the Adolescent Experience that in fact reflects some of the dominant issues of adolescence--the prevention of the predictable problems of young people, the protection of their health and healthy functioning, and the promotion of the delicious goals of youth--even if parents have to bite their tongues at times. Telling the story of adolescence like it is must include what Gullotta, Adams, and Markstrom have done so well--the recognition and celebration of opportunities for a healthier life for themselves and others."
--MARTIN BLOOM, Professor of Research at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work and Editor, Journal of Primary Prevention