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Osteoporosis, Two-Volume Set

Osteoporosis, Two-Volume Set

Robert Marcus | David Feldman | Jennifer Kelsey


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Osteoporosis is the most comprehensive, authoritative reference on this disease. Some of the topics covered include basic biology, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, preclinical issues, experimental medicine, management, and therapeutics. Written by renowned experts in this field, this book is a must-have for the researcher, the academic clinician, or anyone in the field of bone biology.
Key Features
* The source on osteoporosis
* Written by expert investigators in their respective fields
* Each chapter provides timely, comprehensive, and scholarly discussion
* Fully illustrated in color and black & white
* Covers everything from basic anatomy and physiology to diagnosis, management and treatment
Praise for the first edition:
"...interesting, comprehensive and up-to-date: each chapter has something new and important to say...Whichever direction one chooses to approach this monumental work I predict it will be worthwhile"
"...a textbook focused solely on this condition and encompassing this diversity of research has been lacking. This book does a terrific job of filling the gap. It contains 70 chapters grouped in six sections...All the chapters are authoritative and include up-to-date references...Osteoporosis is quite comprehensive; indeed, topics that typically receive brief treatment elsewhere (osteoporosis in minority groups and in men) receive entire chapters here...The book also covers relevant methodologic concepts, no doubt reflecting the editors desire to make the material accessible to readers with other primary research interests."
Praise for the second edition:
"...well edited and the chapters are clearly cross-referenced...a helpful reference for any scientist or clinician with an interest in the field."