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Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Older Adult

Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Older Adult

Joanne Green



One of the largest patient populations seen by neuropsychologists are older adults suffering from problems associated with aging. Further, the proportion of the population aged 65 and above is rising rapidly. This book provides a guide to neuropsychological clinicians increasingly called upon to assess this population. The book details in a step-by-step fashion the phases and considerations in performing a neuropsychological assessment of an older patient. It covers procedural details including review of patient's medical records, clinical interview, formal testing, interpretation of test scores, addressing referral questions, and preparing an evaluation report.

  • Outlines a clear, logical approach to neuropsychological evaluation
  • Provides specific clinical practice guidelines for each phase of the evaluation
  • Integrates clinical practice with up-to-date research findings
  • Recommends specific tests for evaluating older adults
  • Details how to interpret test findings and identify the patient's neuropsychological profile
  • Illustrates important points with examples and case materials, many neuropathologically-confirmed
  • Includes forms useful in clinical practice

"This book gives comprehensive and thorough up to date coverage of this topic... The author is to be congratulated on producing a book which travels well outside the North American context in which it was written... The book is soundly based in current research and theory... but at the same time conveys a strong sense of clinical experience and wisdom. The reader will not find here a defence of the contribution of of neuropsychology to the management of cognitive disorders in older people, but a better account of the state of the art would be difficult to imagine." --JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY, NEUROSURGERY, AND PSYCHIATRY