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Magnetic Stratigraphy

Magnetic Stratigraphy

Meil D. Opdyke | James E.T. Channell


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Magnetic Stratigraphy is the most comprehensive book written in the English language on the subject of magnetic polarity stratigraphy and time scales. This volume presents the entirety of the known geomagneticrecord, which now extends back about 300 million years. The book includes the results of current research on sea floor spreading, magnetic stratigraphy of the Pliocene and Pleistocene, and postulations on the Paleozoic. Also included are both historicalbackground and applications of magnetostratigraphy. Individual chapters on correlation are presented, using changes in magnetic properties and secular variation.
Key Features
* Discusses pioneering work in the use of marine sediments to investigate the Earths magnetic field
* Serves as a guide for students wishing to begin studies in magnetostratigraphy
* Provides a comprehensive guide to magnetic polarity stratigraphy including up-to-date geomagnetic polarity time scales
* Correlates magnetic stratigraphics from marine and non-marine Cenozoic sequences
* Details reversal history of the magnetic field for the last 350 million years
* Discusses correlation using magnetic dipole intensity changes
* Up-to-date correlation of biostratigraphy with magnetic stratigraphy through the late Jurassic
"...this book is a very lucid, up-to-date account of the subject and is very clearly written and very well illustrated. It is also very well referenced..."
--D. H. Tarling, University of Plymouth, GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL, January 1999
"...the authors present an excellent and very detailed review of the methods for coupling both the GPTS and magnetostratigraphic sequences with absolute ages. A virtue of this book is its wealth of sources, figures and tables; all indispensable in the case of such a complex matter. It should as well be in all palaeomagnetic and stratigraphic laboratories on the strength of its comprehensiveness and cross-relationships among different branches of Earth sciences."
"This book has much to offer. First, it serves as a succinct and practical introduction to those aspects of geomagnetism and paleomagnetism that are relevant to magnetostratigraphy. Second, it provides an up-to-date discussion of the polarity-reversal history derived from remote sensing of the magnetization of the oceanic crust....Third, the authors have produced a grand synthesis of existing magnetostratigraphic data....And finally, they step back and see what can be learned about the behavior of the geomagnetic field from the long record they have reconstructed....Magnetic Stratigraphy is handsome, very readable, and persuasive; most readers will wonder (as the authors do occasionally) why more boundaries in the geologic timescale are not tied directly to our planets geomagnetic pulse."
"This book fills a certain gap in palaeomagnetic bibliography that was lacking of a serparate, comprehensive edition on the basis of magnetic polarity stratigraphy and its geological applications. A virtue of this book is its wealth of sources, figures and tables; all indispensable in the case of such a complex matter. The book may be recommeded to graduate students endeavoring to specialize in geomagnetism and/or palaeomagnetism."