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Immunopharmacology of Respiratory System

Immunopharmacology of Respiratory System

Stephen T. Holgate | Clive Page


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Immunopharmacology represents the boundary between the immune system and chemical mediators of the inflammatory and neuroendocrine responses. The subject as applied to the respiratory system embraces most of the common non-malignant lung diseases of which asthma and allied disorders are the most prevalent. An understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the disorders provides rationale for prevention and drug treatment as well as creating opportunities for novel drug development. Immunopharmacology of Respiratory System embraces all of these principles and should enable the reader to become rapidly updated in an area of medical importance.

  • Focuses on aspects of disease pathogenesis that are common to a variety of lung disorders
  • Includes coverage of the mechanisms of asthma - origin, progression, and novel therapeutic interventions
  • This volume is another in the "Systems" section of the Handbook of Immunopharmacology