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Immunopharmacology of Free Radical Species

Immunopharmacology of Free Radical Species

Clive Page | David Blake | Paul G. Winyard


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Free radicals have been implicated in a entire host of different human disease states, which suggests that although they may not have a pivotal causal role, they are involved in the perpetuation of disease. In recentyears, it has become evident that although free radicals most certainly do have this role in perpetuating inflammatory reactions, they have perhaps a far more important role in acting as second messenger systems to maintain normal cell function. It is theperturbations of these reactions which pose the most intriguing therapeutic challenges. This volume deals with various basic mechanisms of free radical processes and injury. The emphasis in each case is on potential therapeutic strategies developing fromthis new knowledge.
"The chapters are quite readable and are richly referenced, serving well as points of entry to the literature in their respective areas... In summary, this volume provides views of free radical pathology that should be especially useful to pharmacologists, physiologists, and physicians."
"Blake and Winyard can be content with and congratulated for having put together a high quality book on free radical species in medicine."
"The publication style allows a great deal of information to be compacted into the book, and at the same time produces a clear, and pleasing format for reading and reference. The book is excellent value and is highly recommended by the reviewer."
--John M.C. Gutteridge in FREE RADICAL RESEARCH