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Handbook of Diversity in Parent Education

Handbook of Diversity in Parent Education

Marvin J. Fine | Steven W. Lee


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Traditionally, books on parent education have focused on techniques from a certain tradition, either behavioral or humanistic, that could be applied to any problem of parenting or child behavior change. These books have used a "cook-book" approach that is frequently oblivious to environmental conditions that influence behavior or take into account the individual differences of the children or families involved. This book highlights the complexity of our society and times by exploring the problems faced by diverse types of parents, children, and parenting situations. Moreover, the sensitive issues of parenting in unique populations are handled in a caring, straight-forward way with an emphasis on research-based parent education programs along with tips and strategies for everyday use.

  • Premier text on parent education in diverse populations
  • Features tips, strategies, websites and support for parents
  • Based upon "cutting edge" research in parent education
  • Models for developing problem-specific parenting programs
  • Step-by-step parent education programs for low-incidence problems
  • Features violence and crisis prevention and intervention skills for families